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Ben is the consequence of London, where he grew up.

A place of polarity. Trees, nature, culture, concrete, and grime. This polarity is what we find in his music.

With the influence of his father’s record collection, Ben fell in love with Blues music at a young age. John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Little Feat, Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder ... were all the soundtracks of his youth.

At fourteen Ben studied the drum kit and then settled on the harmonica at Seventeen. During his twenties, Ben gained a music diploma and degree and was the first at Brunel University to study harmonica; under the guidance of renowned harmonicist Brendan Power. During this time Ben also started studying in Europe and traveling to Mali to understand Malinke percussion.

Ben has been performing on the London blues scene since the 1990’s.

He also toured (2003 - 2012) with the artist Charlie Winston. He currently works as a session musician in London and performs with Zuzu Kings, Charlie Winston, Marcus Bonfanti, and The Little Big Tones.


As well as performing as a harmonica player, Ben is also a professional percussionist teaching Malinke music in schools and prisons in the Uk.

As a composer, Ben has written music for TV and dance and has released his debut EP ‘Scribe’ in June 2021.


Ben’s music is all about positivity and movement. He wants to make people dance and feel good. If we could summarise Ben’s music, we could say that it is ‘positive blues'. It’s music that comes from the heart

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